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CCI Inspection Services provides Pipeline Construction Management, CWI, NACE Certified Coatings Inspection, all the over-the-ditch duties, Environmental consulting and inspection, pipe yard management, in-plant coating and pipe inspection.

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We can provide Resident Project Representation (NACE coating inspection, construction management) to your rehabilitation project, new construction, piping, sewer plant expansion or whatever facility work your group is doing. Give us a call: (281) 367-6740 


CCI PERSONNEL are ready, experienced, trained and equipped to work with your contractors on your behalf. Our consultants work with painters, welders, NDE personnel, construction crews, to inspect, witness, and survey existing conditions of coatings on platforms and piping offshore. CCI has a remarkable record with inspection of Drilling Rigs and Ships during refurbishment and rehabilitation as-well-as new construction.

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Your Project Our Mission. CCI Construction Managers, Supervisors and Inspectors will work to your specification with our standards of excellence, procedures, equipment and documentation.

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CCI Provides Consulting and Failure Analysis. When paint fails, you need more than an expert. Call in the Paint detectives to get to the bottom of your problem. Finger pointing rarely solves problems, it merely accesses blame and often to the wrong party. Contact Steve Poncio and let us help you solve your paint problems and prevent them from reoccurring. Call (281) 367-6740. 


Coating inspection, project management, engineering approval of containments, training, developing inspection plans, approving work schedules, monitoring job site. 


Coating, construction and repair of fiberglass inspection. Equipment tracking.

FPSO - Floating Platform Storage & Offloading